A recommended workflow for graphic production

We suggest the following workflow for graphic production:

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  • read about the functionality of the step
  • get software recommendations
  • find information on recommended file formats
  • find the corresponding tutorials

All steps except step 1 is typically done by the layout person, while the author(s) of the text material (manuscript) handles step 1.

Flowchart and suggested software.


Although all tutorials are linked to in the appropriate workflow description, you may want to skip to them directly:

Operating system

Any free OS capable of running the recommended software applications is suitable.


Ubuntu. It has built-in color management and can run all needed applications. The user experience is close to what a graphic designer expects and is used to. It is easy to set up, stable and has a large user base. (But as we said, anything that can run the recommended software is good. Ubuntu is what we are running and that we know works.)

Alternative strategies

You can also use non-WYSIWYG tools to do layout. See Alternative strategies.


there should be step that returns from the print shop with a printed proof and colour adjustments to be made fonts to be outlined....